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Guru will guide you to career success.
Guru will guide you to career success.

Play Mini-Games

The White House took notice of our innovative games. They use Science and AI to identify your soft skills and strengths, and give you smart career counseling. They even match you to jobs. These games are like no other!

Guru: Play Mini-Games

Get Career Guidance

What should you do with your life? Smart career guidance is the smartest way to get started. Join Guru to find your best career paths. Avoid confusion and dead-ends. Make smart choices with confidence. Use Guru to reach your career destination and realize your true potential.

Guru: Your future is knocking

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KnackApp: Award Winning App

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KnackApp: Award Winning App
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Guru: Get career counseling

Find Your Special Strengths

Do you know your real strengths? Guru shows your your strengths and soft skills: your most valuable career assets! Get your own strength certificates, stand out, and get noticed. Show them to employers, demonstrate your true worth, and get ahead.

Guru: Maximize Your Earning

Maximize Your Earning

The new labor market demands new work skills. Getting the right skills will increase your earning and get you hired into well-paying jobs. Guru links you to skill training and learning to secure your employability and maximize your earning ability.

Guru: Secure Good Jobs

Secure Good Jobs

We know you want a well-paying job that feels meaningful. We know you want financial security and dignity. Guru will recommend you to employers looking for promising young people, and help you secure a good job that fulfills your career potential.

Guru: Reach Career Readiness

Reach Career Readiness

Everyone needs to work on certain soft skills to grow and improve. Career readiness is critical because employers have high expectations. Guru experts will help you hone your skills, practice and prepare, and make you ready to make impact from day one.

Guru: You Belong Here

You Belong Here

Guru is not just an app. It’s a movement. Come be part of this grassroots drive for a fair and better future. Stand up with us for equal opportunity, dignity, and financial security. Come join the community, it’s where you belong.